Eyelash Classes - Hollywood Makeup School
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Eyelash Classes


Why the eyelash industry?


Eyelash lifting (a.k.a. perming) and extensions are the fastest growing beauty trend the the world and are now a billion dollar industry. Services for eyelashes generate an abundance of money, but there simply aren’t enough eyelash technicians/artists to keep up with the demand. If you have a passion for developing a flourishing career where you can apply yourself in the world of beauty while earning a generous income, we invite you to join our classes.


With a bit of your time, a lot of your passion and our world class instructions, you can quickly become a recognized eyelash technician in no time!


How much money can you make? Here’s a breakdown of your projected annual income.

Lash Lift @ $46,800 @ 15 clients/week @ $60/client @ 10-12 hrs/week

Classic Lashing @ $40,500 @ 5 clients/week @ $150/client @ 10-12 hrs/week

Volume Lashing @ $67,500 @ 5 clients/week @ $250/client @ 10-12 hrs/week


Select a class that you are interested in:

  1. LASH LIFT & TINT:  A low maintenance lash curling service that lasts up to 8 weeks.
  2. CLASSIC LASHING:  Applying 1 extension on 1 natural lash.
  3. VOLUME LASHING:  Applying multiple extensions on 1 natural lash.  


Prices and discounts:

Lash lift $495
Individual lashing $595
Volume lashing $795
*Each class is on a different day*

$100 off when you enroll Lash Lift class with either Individual or Volume lashing class at the same time. 

$200 off when you enroll both Individual and Volume lashing classes at the same time. 

$300 off when you enroll all three classes together at the same time.

**When booking, there’s a $195 deposit for each class. Discount, if any, will be automatically given at check out.**