Makeup Artist School Los Angeles | Professional Makeup School Los Angeles
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About Us

About us

about us

Hollywood Makeup School Los Angeles

Hollywood Makeup School is an elite makeup artist school bringing modern makeup techniques to the industry. We are among the best makeup artists schools for fashion, runway, film, television, print, music video and bridal.


We have makeup artist graduates who have been at the top of high fashion makeup artistry, bridal makeup business, film and television industry, and independent freelance artists. This school is for those who are serious about making makeup artistry their career.


Classes are intense and fun. Expectations are high. We expect nothing less than the best for our students.


CAMMUA Makeup School Hollywood


The method of instructions have been proven to be very successful for over 30 years.  We take pride in our students and expects excellence from them. Watch this video and see CJ, one of the instructors at Hollywood Makeup School Hollywood, in action:


In the shortest amount of time, when compared to other makeup schools, Hollywood Makeup School will enrich individuals with knowledge that allows you to take makeup artistry to the professional level. In less than a week, you will learn all the essentials and advanced techniques you need to know to become the best in your selected fields.


You will be equipped with knowledge on how to begin your makeup artistry career successfully. Graduates are always welcome to reach us for questions and consultations. You can always come back and take refresher class at any time for free.


We also proud to offer other profession training classes as well:


CAMMUA Makeup School Hollywood 6


Contact us to schedule a tour today