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Hollywood Makeup School
5450 West Pico Blvd
Suite 104
Los Angeles, 
CA 90019


(323) 932-9100


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why choose CAMMUA?

So why choose CAMMUA. Our classes are small to ensure proper education, unlike other schools that pack in 10-20 students and only care about the numbers not the quality. We have graduated over 1,000 students since 2005. Our guarantee is that you can take the class over as many times as you like without paying additional fees. CAMMUA does not say goodbye to their graduates, we actually have a private page on facebook where we network and post jobs as well as the students post jobs. We provide business guidance, we help develop portfolios and websites. We want all our students to succeed immediately. Networking and development is once of our strength along with education.

Do I need to buy Makeup Kit for the class?

You don’t.

Along with the education CAMMUA provides all makeup supplies to use in class. We strive in providing the most up to date and used makeup in the industry. Students will learn the difference between consumer makeup and professional industry makeup. Its uses and standards.

Graduates gain knowledge in creating a working makeup kit in class. CAMMUA provides kits for sale at at 20% discount to help the graduates get established and start working.

Who are the classes taught by?

All the instructors at CAMMUA have been hand chosen and trained by Gia Deo herself. Gia prides herself in the techniques and way of training that she has developed. All instructors of CAMMUA are owners of their own branches and have had years of experience the field of makeup.

Why are the classes so short compared to other schools.

We believe that you should learn the skills quickly and start working immediately. Our classes are hands on training. We also guarantee that you can retake the classes over as many times as you see is needed. Other schools have to have long programs in order to qualify for financial aid so they stretch the time with a lot of practice and lab hours. You honestly learn better actually working on real jobs instead of the classroom.

So how do your programs work? If I take the 2 day class now and want to take the 4 day later do I have to pay for the whole thing over again?

The way our programs work are very simple. All programs start on the same day and just continue to get longer. So if you register for the 2 day class, you stop after 2 days. You just pay the difference to take the additional classes you want. The best thing is you can take re-take the completed classes as many times as you want also.

What if I want to take the 2 day program and I want to take the hair class? How would that work?

You definitely could do that by just registering for the 2 day class and adding on the hair class. We can customize the program anyway you like.

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